The term Proof-of-Delivery first appeared in the transport industry, when companies needed a tool to prove the delivery and receipt of their packages, but also to inform their head offices at the same time, in order to know how promptly deliveries are made, who received it and the exact delivery details. Proof-of-Delivery (PoD) refers to a set of conditions required in order to be able to certify in an indisputable way the successful delivery of a shipment (e.g. an object , package, order).
Proof-of-Delivery Modules
  General  PoD solution can integrate various pieces of Regate Effective and leverage individual Modules such as: Planning: Organization-contact plan, itineraries Field Marketing: Photography Field Service: Task management, DTE printing Supervision: GPS Map Application, daily report


Using Regate Effective and the specialized Proof-of-Delivery tools it offers, you can: • Define your driver’s itinerary • Control the time and place of delivery, with GPS technology • Get the electronic signature of your receiving customer • Guide your driver to download the correct merchandise • Receive returns (warranty) and issue return credits • Collect cash, securities or credit card, and print a legal receipt • Notify your driver of route changes Any company with a fleet of vehicles that delivers already invoiced orders and/or collects returns can benefit from a modern Proof-of-Delivery solution.

Proof-of-Delivery και Exvan

When we talk about Exvan, we are referring to the possibility of creating and issuing a document, on the go, on site at the client’s headquarters. In this case, the document itself combined with the customer’s signature (either on the screen of the mobile device, or directly on the original document that will be issued) and the GPS position recording, all together certify the delivery in question and constitute the term of Proof of Delivery. However, there is also the case where a truck undertakes to make simple deliveries, i.e. to simply deliver orders that have been prepared, packed and loaded onto the truck from the supplier’s premises, where the corresponding document (duplicate or triplicate) will have been issued. for each of the orders carried by the driver up to and including each delivery.In this case, the signature is necessarily entered on the already printed document per delivery. So, here a Proof-of-Delivery solution can include on the one hand the GPS location of the driver (with its date and time, always) and on the other hand the certification of delivery by manually entering the driver in a system like ours, putting for example a check next to the document in question on his mobile device and thus indicating that the delivery has been completed. By extension, it is possible for the documents issued at the supplier’s headquarters to have a barcode on them and thus, the driver will be able to search for it on his device easily and quickly by scanning this barcode. But everything else remains the same. Consequently, the delivery is always certified with a document (printed on site or already printed as we said from the company’s headquarters), with the customer’s signature and with a GPS location automatically recorded by the driver through the application that is installed on his mobile device.
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